Comparing Alarm Services

- How much and what type of experience do the technicians who will be installing   equipment have?

- Do they work directly for the company or will the job be sub-contracted?

- Are they covered by Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance?

- Is the company licensed by the state to install alarm systems?

- How long has the company been conducting business in the area?

- Are they locally owned and operated?

- How does the type and quality of the equipment proposed compare?

- What features are important to you?  Are they available?

- If you are considering adding onto the system in the future, will the equipment      proposed be capable of accommodating these add-ons?

- Is the equipment proposed appropriate for the type of installations?

- Is the equipment being used proprietary to the installing company or could you choose to have someone else service the equipment?

Warranty Period
- How long is the warranty period?

- Does it include parts and labor?

- Is the company approved by an underwriting authority?

-Is the company able to give you a list of references?

- Does their list of references include recent installations and long-term customers?

- Can you make an appointment to stop by the office, tour the building and meet the people you’ll be dealing with?  Is the owner available to speak with you?

Post-Sale Service
- What will be the ongoing costs of service?

- What is the hourly service rate?

- Are you charged for travel time?  If so, where will the service personnel be coming from?

- Will the installing company be providing service or will the contract be turned over to someone else?

**Our certified installers and service technicians receive the latest factory training on every product—and we’re on call day or night to ensure quality service when you need it.