“I’m so happy with my  new alarm system.  It is easy to use and makes me feel so much safer.  The installers were fantastic, everybody I’ve met deserves an ‘atta boy.’”


Homeowner, Jamestown

“My wife insisted on installing a security system several years ago.  At the time the salesperson recommended installing smoke detectors too.  I thought, why not.  Boy am I glad we did.  Several days ago I arrived home to find the Fire Department extinguishing a small fire in my kitchen.  If the alarm system had not notified the Fire Department when it did that ‘small’ fire could have gotten out of control and would have destroyed my house.”


Homeowner, Lakewood

“Last fall as we prepared to winter in Florida we decided to install a security system.  At your suggestion we also installed a low temperature sensor.  I’m so glad you  made that suggestion.  While in Florida our furnace did break  down.  Thanks to the low temperature sensor our daughter got a phone call from the monitoring center and was able to have the furnace repaired before the pipes froze.  It is comforting to  know that when we leave the house in the winter we won’t come home to a house that has been burglarized or been damaged because of frozen pipes. “


Homeowner, Jamestown