Stay Safe & Connected With A Home Alarm System by Allied Alarm Services, Inc. Our services include, but are not limited, to:

  • Security.   Intrusion that may result in burglary, assaults or worse is probably the threat that most concerns homeowners.  A burglarized home can mean both an emotional upheaval and a monetary loss.  Homes without a security system are nearly three times more likely to be burglarized as homes with a system.  There are a variety of devices that can help detect a break-in in including but not limited to door contacts, motion detectors, glass break sensors, window bars, floor sensors and panic buttons.
  • Fire Detection.   Probably the most catastrophic threat to your home is fire.  Discovered too late, fire can result in the total destruction of a home and it’s contents-or worse-loss of life.  Install smoke detectors on each floor of your home to detect the presence of fire.
  • Personal Emergency.  Equipping the elderly and disabled with a panic button, so that they can quickly and easily summons help, gives them more security and independence.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection.  Carbon monoxide is an odorless, silent killer.  Early detection is the key to saving lives, especially while sleeping.
  • Environmental Sensor.   Environmental sensors can detect furnace failure, water leaks and more, further protecting your property from costly damage.
  • Mobile Home Control.  Your alarm system, lights & appliances can be turned off/on,  your HVAC system can be monitored & controlled remotely and doors can be locked/unlocked remotely via the internet or your mobile phone. You can receive text alerts when your alarm system is activated or armed/disarmed.
  • Video Surveillance.  View and/or record activities in areas such as front & back doors, pool, nursery, patio, driveway or garage.  View live video remotely via the internet or your mobile phone.

Designing Your System – FREE Home Security Surveys At Allied Alarm Services we believe in working with the customer to design a system that meets your needs and fits your life style.  Our trained Security Consultant  will meet with you in your home to complete a FREE Home Security Survey.   For each device we recommend we will describe how it functions and why we recommend it.