Sprinkler Supervision

Protect Your Investment.
Supervise Your Sprinkler System With a Monitored Fire Alarm System

The first line of defense against excessive fire damage is a properly maintained sprinkler system.  To assist you in maintaining your system, our firm recommends supervising your sprinkler system with a fire alarm system and monitoring it to our UL & FM approved central station.

A monitored fire alarm system

¨ Minimizes the Amount of Water Damage in the Event of a Fire

¨ Protects Against the Possibility of Sprinkler Malfunction

¨ Eliminates the Risk of Accidental Shut Offs

¨ Reduces Your Insurance Premiums

A monitored fire alarm system will detect the flow of water and send a signal to our monitoring center who will immediately notify the fire department and someone on the contact list that you provide.  In most buildings the greatest risk of loss occurs when the facility is unoccupied.  If no one is on the premises to respond to the problem the fire spreads; or the sprinkler system will continue to flow water undetected.  This is where alarm monitoring provides the extra measure of security to protect your assets.

A monitored fire alarm system also ensures that your sprinklers are operational at all times by keeping a constant watch over vital areas in the water supply and distribution network.  Any time a sprinkler valve is shut or tampered with a signal is sent to the monitoring center who will then notify someone on your contact list.

Allied Alarm Services, Inc.  holds a Factory Mutual (FM) approval for local service and, in conjunction with our FM approved central station, can provide you with the highest insurance approvals in our industry.  Our early beginnings as a division of  Allied Fire Protection Services, provides us with a unique understanding of sprinkler systems and allows us to provide you with the best sprinkler monitoring available.