24hr UL & FM Approved Monitoring

Who Will Answer The Call?

Allied Alarm Services, Inc. is pleased to partner with Rapid Response Monitoring.   Their UL & FM approved facilities are located in Syracuse, NY & Corona, CA and feature completely mirrored capabilities with multi-redundant system at all levels and can each support the full load of incoming signal activity.

Each facility features:

  • Redundant power systems: dual generators and dual uninterruptable power supply units wired in dual-buss configurations
  • Multi-layer alarm processing system redundancy
  • Advanced telecommunications with station-respective redundancies
  • Four local network providers, each with multi-layered redundancies
  • Dual redundant Multiprotocal Label Switching (MPLS) from tow independent network providers with diverse routed dedicated private SONET rings, creating a 24/7 link between facilities: high level security and multi-level carrier redundancies to ensure continuous up-time and incredible speeds
  • Dual Paulo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls installed in HA Pair
  • Redundant Blue Ridge Network Crypto-Servers creating a VPN “Cryptographic tunnel” for external remote access; amount the world’s most advanced encryption
  • Stringent, ongoing training All personnel require a minimum two-year college degree or two years of military service and must undergo an intensive six-week SIA-Certified training program

Simply put Rapid Response is the most technologically advanced electronic security monitoring center in the world, staffed with the most highly trained security professionals and built on next generation self healing redundant technology.

Allied Alarm Services, Inc. is proud to be able to offer these quality services to our customers.