Video Surveillance

In today’s business environment the threat of theft, workplace violence and other incidents leading to costly lawsuits are an everyday reality. A professionally designed and installed video surveillance system is an effective tool to help monitor an manage these risks.Allied Alarm Services, Inc. will provide your business with a custom surveillance package to fit your needs. Packages feature our state-of-the-art cameras digital video recorders and video entry/intercom systems .
Surveillance Cameras

  • Interactive dome cameras with pan/tilt positioning., 360 degree rotation and variable speed capabilities.
  • Low light cameras to enhance night vision’
  • High resolution cameras to capture details such as employee transactions
  • Cameras can be easily integrated with access control systems to provide visual verification.
Digital Video Recorders

  • Single channel or multi-camera digital recording
  • Programmable resolution and storage duration
  • Image search by specific time or event
  • Optional Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity
  • Digital media eliminates video tape management and storage
  • Digital quality provides sharp, clear images
  • Optional network connectivity for multiple location viewing
  • Any recorded event can be easily searched, located and played back.
Remote Video Monitoring provides several distinct services
Alarm VerificationWhen an alarm event occurs, pre-alarm and post-alarm images are transmitted to XXXXXX . By knowing whether there is , or is not anyone entering the premise, appropriate actions can be taken.
Remote Video ManagementWhen non-alarm events occur pre and post event video images can be emailed to one or more people. Documenting who entered or exited an area and when can provide a host of benefits such as reduction in lost inventory and other asset management benefits.
Remote Video AccessWhen configured to do so, you can view live video images at anytime from any desktop or laptop computer in the world using an ordinary phone line or cell phone.
Remote Appliance ControlWhen connected to controllable devices you can activate and deactivate them from any desktop or laptop computer anywhere using an ordinary phone call.
Internet AccessOther types of Remote Video Monitoring can be connected directly to the internet for direct web browser access and viewing.